"Three Days" Testimonials
The following are comments from readers of “Three Days” and those who hosted or attended Chris Stepien’s author talks:

“I really thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. Itís a great novel. Lots of little cliff hangers to keep you going. Not just for young people, although it is for young people, but I think any adult will also enjoy this book, as well."

Deacon Pedro Guevara Mann
"The S+L Hour"
Salt and Light Radio


“I love this book. It is the first book that has created a sense of the holy family's humanity. As a parent, I have been able to grow closer to God and meditate on many sections. It has also made my Jewish roots grow. Having more detail on customs, I can see the connections and common history we share. I am so grateful for this gift of this book during this Lenten season!"

Ann Marie Weitzel
Reader's Facebook Message to the Author


“What a great pleasure reading this book! I could not put it down. It was so easy to relate to the story, with his mother, father, his little friend Ezra! So beautifully told and very easy to read! You have been blessed with a beautiful gift -- thank you for stepping out in faith and obedience!"

Sandy Gonzalez
Book Club, St. Peter Catholic Church, Jupiter, Florida


“When I read this book, I just knew I had to share it with our parish members. We've all wondered about Jesus' childhood and the details surrounding the mysterious "Finding in the Temple." With Chris Stepien's help, we are now able to imagine more clearly what Jesus might have done during those days when Mary and Joseph were frantic in their search. I recommend it for church book clubs, parent groups and general readers with interest in speculation on the inner-workings of beloved Bible stories."

Rev. Dr. William “Bill” Promesso
Pastor, St. Cyprian Catholic Church


“We were excited with Chris and his informative, humorous and thought-provoking presentation! It was an excellent afternoon! I highly recommend inviting Chris to your parish."

Therese Terns
Catholic Pastoral Minister


"Thank you so much for the presentation of your book. I went not expecting very much, I was just interested in hearing about the book. I was wowed by Chris Stepien and his telling of the story of how he came to write this book. The talk was engaging and brought his words and the story alive. I left feeling inspired, alive and happy. This book is another opportunity to experience Jesus and to work on growing my relationship with Jesus. I was so glad I chose to attend."

Carol Anderson Hutcherson
Author Talk Attendee, Roman Catholic


"Great job; I thoroughly enjoyed (‘Three Days’)! In many ways it was like praying the Ignatian method of prayer – placing oneself in the Gospel story."

Monsignor Thomas C. Machalski
Rector/President, SS. Cyril & Methodius Seminary / Chancellor, Orchard Lake Schools


"The question often arises, what was Jesus like as a boy? A question that is left to the reflections and imaginations of those who raise it. Chris Stepien, in his book, 'Three Days,' shares with his readers a glimpse into the life of Jesus as a boy.

"Recently, I invited Chris and his wife, Ellen, to St. Basil the Great to share his journey of writing this book. During the course of his talk, it was obvious to me that Chris has a deep love for the Scriptures and for God. Throughout his presentation, he invites people to read the Scriptures and to enter into a relationship with God.

"His book will spark your imagination and hopefully will engage you to reflect deeper on whom Jesus is.

"After reading the book, 'Three Days,' I recalled the passage from Scripture in which Jesus and Peter are in dialogue. Jesus asked Peter, 'Who do people say that I am?' Peter replies, 'Some say John the Baptist, some say Elijah, still others say one of the prophets.' Then Jesus asked Peter, 'But who do you say that I am?' Peter replies, 'You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.'

"May your experience of this book be enlightening and thought provoking."

Fr. Anthony Sulkowski
Pastor, St. Basil the Great Roman Catholic Church


"Chris Stepien’s book was a wonderful addition to my first year theology class.  Students entered the unit with the understanding that this was a work of historical fiction using people, places, and events from the Old and New Testaments.  It provided my students with a unique way of looking at the biblical world without compromising the sanctity of scripture.  
“Stepien takes us to the time of Jesus’ childhood. He uses the building blocks of scripture, culture, and archaeological information to imagine what could have happened during the time of Jesus’ disappearance at the age of 12. I especially appreciated that throughout the story, the words of Jesus are not simply imagined dialogue.  Stepien uses the scripture and prayers of the Old Testament prophets to speak for the boy Messiah. He reveals to the reader a virtuous young man who is God.  
“The capstone of the unit was the presentation by the author, himself. Stepien’s experience as a parent was evident in the way he connected with students.  He was honest and humble in sharing how his faith grew and developed during a health emergency and recovery. Stepien’s meditation on the rosary developed into a book, which opened the eyes of my students to what the world of Jesus’ childhood may have been like. He reminded my students of the humanity of Jesus, enlivened by His divine nature. I highly recommend Three Days: The Search for the Boy Messiah."

Erin Holmes
Catholic High School Theology Teacher


"Three Days" transported me to the side of the Messiah and all He experienced--his family and friends, chores and talents, faith and love, and the hazards of the day. When Chris Stepien talks about the book, he breathes life into a familiar Bible story and weaves into it the rigorous process of research, study and prayer he followed to write the novel. As a thoroughly catholic person--a Presbyterian who studied with the Jesuits--I recommend both the book and author talk. For me, they opened new windows into my Christian faith."

Claire Carmichael
Member, Presbyterian Church, USA


"Through his presentation and personal testimony, Chris Stepien was able to bring Luke’s Gospel to life in a way that engaged both young teens and adults. We received a call the next morning from a mother whose 8th grade son asked her to buy the book. The presentation really enriched our Parish’s Lenten journey."

Brian Cwiek
Catholic Pastoral Assistant


"Not knowing much about this book, I came with an open mind to see what Chris had to share with us about the missing Jesus!
“Chris's love and zeal for the Lord is so evident. The process he followed to bring this book to light was the fruit of the Holy Spirit working in his heart and his imagination. I can say that his sharing refreshed and enriched my prayer life. You come to meet Mary, Joseph and Jesus in a realistic and human way! They were here in time and space, and it’s a gift to ponder that.
“Thanks, Chris, for your openness as you shared your faith journey and the fruit of your mediation. You are not promoting your book; you are Evangelizing! You were able to hold our audience's attention for over 90 minutes and that is not an easy task. I recommend all, young and old alike, welcome Chris and hear what the spirit will manifest to each one of you as he unveils the chapters of his blessed work. "

Neran Karmo
Eastern Catholic Re-Evangelization Center


“Chris Stepien spoke to the teenagers of the BRICK (Building Relationships in Christ our King) youth group. He engaged high school students without watering down the message ... professional, well versed in the subject matter and solid in his Catholic teachings. Chris made the message relevant to the youth and … left them with a deeper understanding of Christ's humanity and the culture in which he was raised. Chris has a deep love for Christ, His mother and the Church, and I would recommend him to any event planner looking for a dynamic speaker."

Giovanni Vitale II
Youth Minister & Psychologist


"This imaginative and intensively researched novel vividly portrays the preteen Jesus, his family, friends, and community under Roman rule of the first century CE. Yeshua, as he is called in Hebrew, emerges from this portrait as a compassionate, insightful, scholarly, courageous, playful yet mature young person who has a deep spiritual instinct for his emerging higher calling.  Built around the adventure of Yeshua’s first pilgrimage to Jerusalem on Passover, Stepien brings the reader, with his photographic-like writing, right into the sights, smells, sounds, and characters of Nazareth and Jerusalem of these times. With liberal use of Biblical quotes, prayers, Aramaic and Hebrew terms spoken and sung by the characters, this novel reminds the reader that these ancient words were part of the study, consciousness, and everyday life of our ancestors 2,000 years ago. It challenges us to think about not only this episode in Yeshua’s life, but about the entire cultural context of Jewish life in Israel from which Christianity soon emerged." 

Rabbi Dorit Edut
Pluralistic Rabbi, Founder of Detroit Interfaith Outreach Network


"I really loved the book because I've never read anything on when Jesus was a boy before. My favorite part was when He was in the Temple answering questions from the priests."

Gabriel Seman                                                                                      
12-year-old “Faith Night” Attendee, Eastern Catholic


"It was truly inspiring to hear Chris Stepien's story of how 'Three Days: The Search for The Boy Messiah’ came into existence through his faith journey. As a mother, hearing him speak really helped me to reflect deeper into Mary's growth in faith and strength as she searched for her Son. I realized that it prepared her for the ultimate three days in which she loses her Son in death. I'm thankful to have attended the author talk as it gave me a new perspective and brought the Holy Family to life."

May Seman                                                                                    
“Faith Night” Attendee, Eastern Catholic


"Chris Stepien was one of the most charismatic and yet very humble authors that I have had the privilege to host at Madonna University Library. His way of describing the story about 12-year-old-Jesus helped us migrate to biblical times within a very few minutes of his introduction. As we listened to Mr. Stepien’s journey in writing such a fascinating novel about our young Savior, it brought intense thoughts of how Jesus felt those three days, and how his divine Mother reacted to her own emotions. With such a passionate zeal, Mr. Stepien was simply incredible."

Emanuela DeCenso                                                                                       
Reference Librarian


"We were very fortunate to have Chris Stepien as our speaker for our May 2014 meeting. Chris is a wonderful professional speaker with plenty of personality and wit who captured us all with the description of his book, ‘Three Days - The Search for the Boy Messiah’ and his moving personal journey that led to it. His own deep faith and spirituality and meticulous historic research help to provide astonishing insight into the times of Jesus and pull the reader irresistibly along on this journey. His presentation was followed by a very lively discussion and it was an evening to remember."

Christina Greisser & Gisela Blevins                                                                                      
German Professional Women’s Association


“I was especially interested in attending this program. Your presentation was outstanding! I sat at the edge of my chair. At the end … so many of us purchased this amazing and thought-provoking book."

Shirley Martignoni Fedeli
Retired Educator


“Chris provides his audience with an imaginative yet faithful exposition of the three days Jesus remained in Jerusalem following the Feast of the Passover when he was 12 years of age. Imaginative because no one knows what happened those three days, yet Chris provides a plausible backstory that weaves the environment and culture of 1st century Jerusalem into the narrative. Faithful because the Scripture is allowed to be expressed as it is. In fact, the Word is expressed by the Word Made Flesh, concretizing for the audience that Jesus is the fulfillment of God's revelation to humanity ... a revelation that is relatable.”

David J. Conrad
Catholic Pastoral Associate & Director of Faith Formation


"It was very exciting and an honor to meet the real author of the book! He was very friendly and knowledgeable. Being a 12 year old myself, I related to Yeshua (Jesus) in this story especially because he liked everyone equally. He talked to all types of people!! I enjoyed how Yeshua comforted the beggar on page 71 quoting from Psalm 91:14-16. The beggar used my Aramaic language, "Shlama," meaning Peace!!!"

Meriam Atisha
12-year-old “Faith Night” Attendee, Eastern Catholic


“I recently heard Chris Stepien speak at an event hosted at Benedictine University called the Illinois College Catholics' Conference (ICCC). Chris gave three, 20-minute talks to students from various institutions, staff members, and other speakers. His deep passion to serve God truly captivated his audiences and resonated through his words that touched all in attendance. Chris has a love for Jesus and desire to know Him that could be seen from miles away. It was our pleasure to host Chris Stepien, and we look forward to seeing him at Benedictine University in the future."

Austin Guptel
Vice President of Catholic Ministry, Head Chair of Catholic Life, Benedictine University


"What a delight it was to hear you speak. Your presentation was professional while taking the audience on a journey back to Christ's childhood, helping them understand what life was like in biblical times, especially for Jesus as a youngster. The audience was captivated. I personally liked hearing about the (biblical) foods."

Kathy Stofka
Evangelization Committee, Roman Catholic Parish 


“Chris Stepien’s ‘Three Days’ has provided me with a wondrous insight into the life of the young Jesus. I know the book is a novel, but I feel as if I had shared in the personal lives of the growing Yeshua and his parents Yosef and Miriam. The book is a “good read”, but more than that … it is a very respectful and credible narrative about the personal experiences of a maturing Messiah and his Holy Family.
“What particularly stands out for me is that I was not being preached to but rather I was being taught. During my reading, I felt that the young Yeshua was talking directly to me. Since then, I find myself reading the Bible with a more prayerful attentiveness than I ever have before."

Tom Thomas
“Faith Night” Attendee, Eastern Catholic


“Chris Stepien demonstrates his extensive knowledge of the culture and times in which the boy Jesus was raised. His vivid descriptions transport the reader into first century Jewish life. The portrait he paints of Jesus is a very believable one; one of a very human boy, yet a boy with very special gifts. The book is an enjoyable read filled with numerous Scripture references and insights into the world of the boy, Jesus."

Fran Helner
Retired Catholic Pastoral Associate


“I received Three Days among other gifts … during the Christmas season I read your book quite rapidly and enjoyed it. I've done several Bible studies at church, but I've never come across that much detail about the actual Passover celebrations.

“I'd like to share your book with the Youth Minister of our church … congratulations!"
Margo von Minden
Retired Editor


“Chris Stepien's Emmy-award winning story-telling ability was on display at our author talk held at St. Valentine Parish on February 13th.  The way he mixed in his personal journey to write 'Three Days:  The Search for the Boy Messiah' with quotes from the book was absolutely amazing!  You could definitely tell that Chris has been in the business and is a true professional.  I think everyone would agree with my assessment that Chris has a fabulous writing style and the story was very suspenseful.  Which is funny considering we all know how the Bible story ends!!  Thanks to Chris for a great book and a fun evening."

Angela Lepper
Church Women's Club


“Fr. Patrick O'Kelley Knights of Columbus and O'Kelly Banquet Hall were honored to have author Chris Stepien speak at our recent luncheon. Chris definitely showed his professionalism in all areas of this event. He assisted in making sure we had a great turnout and was very pleasant to work with. Chris helped with planning process, ticket sales and (Biblical) menu.
“The reviews from those who attended where extremely positive. I would highly recommend Chris for your next event."

Barbara Butler
General Manager, Knights of Columbus Hall


“Chris Stepien's talk began with his own journey of faith from the simple act of daily praying a decade of the Rosary. His small "yeses" to God led him closer and closer to Jesus, but also inspired him to seek answers to questions on daily life in Israel during the time Jesus lived.
"I found it fascinating that it led to his Bible Study which bore fruit in his carefully researched novel Three Days: The Search for the Boy Messiah. (Unlike Dan Brown) Stepien did not put words in the mouth of Jesus, the Word made flesh, but rather only used quotes from the Bible when Jesus spoke.
"I am enjoying the book now and look forward to him speaking at my parish!"
Mrs. Debbie Bloomfield
Education Commission Chairman, Roman Catholic Parish


Chris gave his author talk on Three Days: The Search for the Boy Messiah at a special evening event at our church. His talk was a moving event that worked on multiple levels. Chris is a professional communicator so his talk was spot-on: thought-provoking, educational, entertaining and funny. From a Biblical education perspective, he shared details he learned while researching the book that really helped put this story about Jesus’ early life in context. However, the element of Chris’ talk that really moved us was his explanation of how he was inspired to write the book as a result of his daily prayer and contemplation of scriptures. Chris is a “regular guy” who took a leap of faith to take God’s message out in new ways, to new audiences. I recommend his talk to any group whose members want to refresh their understanding of this Bible passage, and to inspire their own personal ministries.

Sharon Morton
Christian Education Chairman, Presbyterian Church


“As (my husband) Jim and I read this book together, I sensed that, for Chris Stepien, the writing of it was truly an act of love.  It appeared to be about one-third Scripture quotes, one-third Jewish tradition/rituals and one-third fiction all weaved together into an interesting story we all know, elaborated with details of Jewish life in Nazareth and Yerushlem, during Yeshua's time.  Fiction made the characters come alive.    Even at the age of 12, Yeshua shows love for all the people he meets on this journey and you are in love with Him.”   

Valerie Angel Lents
Nurse & Grandmother


“It was my pleasure to be among the 90+ persons (on Thurs. 11/14/13) who gathered to hear Chris Stepien speak about the inspiration and personal spiritual journey, which led to the creation of his book, ‘Three Days’. His Biblically-based tale, set during the loss of the youthful Christ in the Temple (Luke. 2:41-52), offers many plausible and engaging answers as to what could have reasonably occurred during the three day separation from his mother and foster-father. In doing so, Stepien invites the reader to a rare exploration of the first century life-setting and activities into which these events occurred when Jesus actually walked upon the earth. “The fruit of much prayer, personal reflection and research, Stepien’s ‘Three Days’ arguably flows from the same literary genre that produced the classic Biblically-based tale authored by Henry Van Dyke, ‘The Other Wise Man’. In point of fact, Stepien’s expressed sentiments about his own prayerful inspiration for his book, appear to echo Van Dyke’s conclusion: ‘I do not know where this little story came from--out of the air, perhaps. One thing is certain, it is not written in any other book, nor is it to be found among the ancient lore of the East. And yet I have never felt as if it were ‘my own’. It was a gift, and it seemed to me as if I knew the Giver.’
“In light of the above observations, one could easily imagine Stepien’s Three Days produced as a made-for-television motion picture."
Fr. Joseph Marquis
Pastor, Byzantine Catholic Church


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